best lines arrow big bang theory game of thrones cw cbs hbo 'Game of Thrones,' 'Arrow' and more of TV's best lines from the week of April 28 May 4

Spring shows are going strong while others are ramping up to their big season finales, so there are plenty of great TV lines. From “Game of Thrones” to “Arrow” to “The Big Bang Theory,” here are the best quotes from the week of April 28 through May 4.

‘The Big Bang Theory’

Sheldon: “I’m working on the Star Wars Day schedule. I have a window built in after ‘Phantom Menace’ for complaining, but I’m worried an hour won’t be enough time.”

Howard to Sheldon: “You’re being so quiet. Are you upset or are you just rebooting?”=

‘The Good Wife’

Owen to Alicia: “Oh god, it’s like ‘Mildred Pierce.’ We need to get you laid.”

‘Trophy Wife’

Pete: “Believe it or not, I wasn’t very popular in high school and I turned out OK.”
Meg: “Really? ‘Cause Kate says you write legal porn in your free time.”
Pete: “It’s not legal porn, it’s judicial erotica.”


Gina Hess: “Now I’m stuck in the Yukon with my two mongoloid sons. I’ve taken s***s I want to live with more than them.”

‘New Girl’

Winston: “I got hug No. 2 locked and loaded. Soft or hard, it’s up to you.”

‘Supernatural: Bloodlines’

Ennis: “What, you’re like … monster cops?”
Dean: “No! … hunters.”

‘The Goldbergs’

Barry: “Who showers every day? What am I, the governor?”

‘Mad Men’

Bobby: “I wish it was yesterday.”

Don, after being given a laundry list of conditions to come back to work: “OK.”

Peggy to Don: “I can’t say that we miss you.”

Jim to Harry: “You have stiff competition, but I believe you to be the most dishonest man I’ve ever worked with.”

Megan: “This is the way it ends. It’s going to be so much easier for both of us.”

‘Agents of SHIELD’

Coulson: “Finally, good news!” – perimeter defense goes off – “Should have knocked on wood just then.”

Maria Hill: “Grow up, Phil. Of course you’re a liability.”

Skye to Ward: “You always had that Hitler youth look, so it’s really not that surprising.”

Skye, of Ward: “He’s a murderer.”
Deathlok: “Yes, he is. Are you?”

Coulson to Maria Hill: “Say hello to Stark for me … oh, never mind. He thinks I’m dead.”

‘Game of Thrones’

Jon Snow: “All we can give him now is justice.”

Ser Barristan: “Sometimes it is better to answer injustice with mercy.”
Daenerys Targaryen: “I will answer injustice with justice.”

Tyrion Lannister: “Sansa’s not a killer. Not yet, anyway.”

Brienne of Tarth to Jaime Lannister: “I’ll find her for Lady Catelyn … and for you.”

Lady Olenna to Margaery: “I was good. I was very, very good. You are even better.”

Littlefinger: “A man with no motive is a man no one suspects.”

‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ reunion part 2

Kenya Moore, arguing with her castmates: “That’s real Christian.”

‘Faking It’

Shane: “She’s so two-dimensional, she’s like a character on ‘Glee.'”


Felicity at Moira’s funeral: “I don’t even know why I’m crying. I didn’t even like Moira!”

Felicity to Amanda Waller: “You must feel very powerful. Not in an evil, dictator, Stalin way. More in a knowledge is power way.”

Oliver: “I can’t”
Anatoliy: “That is not an option!”

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