“Game of Thrones” finally got the “Bad Lip Reading” treatment, and the above video is going to be the best thing you see all day. The series is recut to be a trailer for a fake movie called “Medieval Land Fun-Time World,” and the mashup works surprisingly well.

The series might not be returning to HBO until Spring 2014, but this is a way to revisit the fantasy show with it feeling entirely new. Seriously, someone recut this into a feature length movie, because this is one of the best “Bad Lip Readings” to date.

For those of you unfamiliar with the “Bad Lip Reading” phenomenon, the YouTubers have tackled everything from the NFL to the “Twilight” series to “The Walking Dead.” Though a full-length “Medieval Land Fun-Time World” movie likely won’t come any time soon (unfortunately), Peter Dinklage is starring in a flick called “Knights of Badassdom” which is about the world of larping.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz