game of thrones golden globes snub 'Game of Thrones' Golden Globes snub: Season 3 deserved nominationsWith awards show nominations coming out in droves, it’s that time of year when many TV shows find themselves — fairly or unfairly — snubbed. There were a lot of exciting additions to the Golden Globes nominations pool this year, from Tatiana Maslany‘s phenomenal “Orphan Black” role to FOX’s breakout comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

The biggest snub in this year’s nominations, though, has to be HBO’s fantasy drama “Game of Thrones.”

Last year, “Game of Thrones” was nominated for best drama series, and Peter Dinklage won the award for best supporting actor on television. This year? Nada. Zilch. Nothing.
What’s particularly surprising about the Globes shutout this year is that Season 3 was “Game of Thrones'” best one yet. Here’s why:
The Red Wedding. The overwhelming reaction fans had to the Red Wedding episode wasn’t just because they were invested in the series. The writing and execution on the horrifying slaughter of several main characters was phenomenal, and what showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have been working up to for seasons. They didn’t drop the ball, but the Globes did by not recognizing this series-high moment.
The stakes are higher and the writing tighter. Everything that’s been great about “Game of Thrones” during its past two seasons was upped in Season 3. The drama, the acting, the writing and the special effects were all better, so why not recognize it again? While it’s rewarding to fans to have a show continue to become stronger season after season, it’s also nice to see that growth validated with awards nominations.
Diana Rigg. Even if Peter Dinklage didn’t get another nomination — which he deserved again, for the record — Diana Rigg definitely deserved a best supporting actress on TV nomination. She lit up the screen every time she was on it and helped Season 3 reach its greatness, but it seems like the exclusion of her was just a part of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association turning a cold shoulder to “Game of Thrones.”
It is a best drama. “Game of Thrones” might not be the best drama of the year — when you’re up against the final season of “Breaking Bad,” no one looks quite as good — but it definitely is among the Top 5 dramas on TV and deserves to be recognized for that. It’s often hard for genre shows to crack into the awards circuits because so often the voters are distracted by their fantastical elements, but “Game of Thrones” has repeatedly shown that it’s transcended that “fantasy TV” model.
Do you agree that “Game of Thrones” should have been nominated at the Golden Globes?
Posted by:Terri Schwartz