wilko johnson cancer gi 'Game of Thrones' Ilyn Payne, Wilko Johnson, looking good after cancer surgeryThe story of 66-year-old rock star and actor Wilko Johnson is an uplifting tale of one man’s fight against fate. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer in January 2013, the “Game of Thrones” actor decided to not be treated with chemotherapy, and instead spent his expected remaining year of life going on tour and recording a new album.

Now more than a year later, Johnson is recovering from a successful surgery that removed a large tumor and sections of his digestive system, Cambridge News reports. After recent tests showed that the cancer wasn’t as aggressive as doctors had once believed, Johnson underwent the removal surgery and is now looking at a life that’s cancer-free.
“The head of the medical team treating Wilko said that they were happy with his condition. Wilko will stay under very close observation for the next few days,” Johnson’s manager, Lisa Climie, says of the nine-hour surgery, which took place on April 30.
“Although cautiously optimistic, the team have to stress that it is very early days yet. The family thank everyone for their good wishes and ask for some privacy at this time so they can support Wilko with his recovery in peace.”

Prior to going into surgery, Johnson spoke with GQ about how this revelation will affect his outlook on life.

“There is a small chance of dying, but that’s nothing, because for over a year I have been living with a 100 percent chance of dying,” he says. “It’s unreal to me. I’m going to have to readjust my mind as well as my body.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz