nikolaj coster waldau the other woman gi 'Game of Thrones' Nikolaj Coster Waldau plays 'a horrible guy' in 'The Other Woman'“Game of Thrones” character Jaime Lannister has had some huge character development over the past three seasons of the series (recent controversial scene notwithstanding), but don’t expect to see Nikolaj Coster-Waldau play a character with similar depth in his new 20th Century Fox film “The Other Woman.”

In “The Other Woman,” Coster-Waldau plays Mark, a lothario who is juggling a wife (Leslie Mann) and two mistresses (Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton), none of whom know about the others. When they do find out his secret, the three women team up to get revenge on their cheating beau. To make this believable, Mark had to be convincingly awful.
“Nikolaj plays one of the ugliest villains,” Diaz tells reporters at a press conference for the movie. “We had to create such a horrible guy, because he is the bad guy in the movie. We took him as far as possible, as pathological as possible, and I really feel that Nikolaj did such an amazing job of bringing that character so that we could have the fun of the revenge to make it so that we looked good and he looked bad. We appreciate that.”

Though Coster-Waldau and his male co-star Taylor Kinney, who plays good guy Phil, say they empathized with Mark, Coster-Waldau is quick to make jokes about his character. “They take their revenge, and all he did is he wanted to give them pleasure,” he quips, intentionally riling his female co-stars.

In all seriousness, he says the role of Mark doesn’t compare to that of Jaime Lannister. “He’s a real prick and he gets what he deserves, no question about it,” Coster-Waldau admits.

Coster-Waldau is a well-known Danish actor who only recently is breaking out in the United States, largely thanks to his role on “Game of Thrones.” After starring in the sci-fi film “Oblivion” and the horror film “Mama,” Coster-Waldau says he’s happy to be in an American comedy alongside such established female stars.

“All three girls were amazing. Leslie, Cameron, they’re very, very brilliant actors. They’ve done this for a long time, they have impeccable timing and I really enjoyed it. They both like to keep the scene open for as long as possible if you come up with ideas, and I really had to stay on my toes to keep up with them and try not to get in their way. I learned a lot from them,” he says. “I have to say, Kate, I’m absolutely amazed with how she pulled it off, because it’s not easy being the naive young [character]. It’s just difficult.”

“The Other Women” is in theaters Friday (April 25).

Posted by:Terri Schwartz