If you can’t wait for “Game of Thrones” Season 3 to premiere on HBO this spring, there may be something to pass the time until then. A new web series, “School of Thrones” has debuted. And all of your favorite Westeros characters are there. Sort of.

Set at Westeros Valley High School, this comedic series manages to wed the epic storylines of “Game of Thrones” with your standard high school drama. As a result, we get all of the feuds and all of the tension… Just a little bit less of the open sex and violence.

The first episode of the series sets up the story well. As the Stark clique points out, “Prom is coming.” All of the various cliques — the Lannisters, Greyjoys (in Speedos) and Baratheons all make an appearance — want to put their own spin on the prom. But there is a wild card in the mix: New student Dani Targaryen realizes that the school could descend into chaos unless she conquers it.

It is unclear whether Dani plans to do this with social climbing or fiery death.

Although the entire five-minute video is rife with “Game of Thrones” related awesomeness, it is probably the adapted opening credits that win. Pen doodles on paper go 3D and map out the school while a teen-drama version of the “Game of Thrones” theme song plays.

Only one possible issue exists for fans watching this parody: You might be able to learn a few spoilers about upcoming plots by paying close attention to the jokes. But it’s worth it. Humorous web series like this don’t come around very often. And prom is coming…

Episode 2 of “School of Thrones” (written and created by Zach Grafton) will premiere on YouTube on Sunday, March 17 (at 12pm PT) with episode 3 following a week later.

Posted by:Laurel Brown