Here’s the official poster for HBO’s new series “Game of Thrones,” whose premiere is a little more than a month away:

game of thrones poster 'Game of Thrones' poster emphasizes the 'Throne' partThe centerpiece of the poster, to our eyes, is the very impressive (and more than a little scary-looking) Iron Throne, the seat of power in George R.R. Martin‘s novels on which the show is based. The guy sitting on it is Eddard Stark (Sean Bean, “The Lord of the Rings”), who’s not the king but carries a realm’s worth of burdens on his shoulders.

We’re also digging the previously unseen tagline, “You win or you die.” Previous promos for the series had used “Winter is coming,” which means something to those who have read Martin’s novels but not so much to people who will be coming to the show without having read the books. “You win or you die,” though, is something pretty much anyone can comprehend.

“Game of Thrones” debuts on Sunday, April 17; a 15-minute preview of the show will air at 9 p.m. ET April 3.

Posted by:Rick Porter