daenerys-mhysa-game-of-thrones.jpgHBO’s “Game of Thrones” Season 3 finale continued the show’s recent surge in the ratings and drew the second largest audience ever for a first run airing.

5.4 million viewers tuned in to “Mhysa” to witness the fallout from last week’s much-buzzed-about “Red Wedding” episode. That falls just short of the season’s peak viewership: The 5.5 million viewers who tuned in for episode six, “The Climb.”

The fantasy saga has shown steady and impressive ratings growth through its first three seasons. Season 3 averaged 5.16 million viewers for first run episodes, up from Season 2’s average of 3.8 million viewers and Season 1’s 2.52 million viewers.

HBO also reported a average audience of 13.6 million viewers for “Game of Thrones” Season 3 over all network airings, on demand, HBO Go and DVR, an increase of two million viewers from Season 2.

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