maisie williams arya stark game of thrones season 4 the hound gi 'Game of Thrones' Season 4: Maisie Williams teases Arya and the Hound's 'interesting relationship'

Remember that awesome photo of Maisie Williams leveling a sword at a Red Wedding-themed cake? Turns out that actually was a pretty good tease of the mentality her character Arya Stark will have in “Game of Thrones” Season 4.

When viewers last saw Arya, she and the Hound had just escaped from the bloodshed at the Twins with no destination in mind. But watching the Freys betray her family and learning her mother and brother were killed changed Arya, and she had no problem murdering some Freys they came across in the woods.

That need for vengeance is something that only is heightened in Season 4. As it turns out, traveling with the Hound is good for honing Arya’s anger and desire for revenge.

“They’re coming to an uneasy truce where they’re not deliberately trying to make it unpleasant for each other. Instead, they’re trying to get along and get by,” Williams tells Reveal of Arya and the Hound. “It’s an interesting relationship that we saw change a little bit after episode nine, where we see the Hound accept Arya a little bit and Arya realise that the Hound is not all bad and maybe a pretty good person to be with in this world.”

In fact, Williams compares Arya and the Hound’s relationship to her character’s Season 1 relationship with her “dancing master,” Syrio Forel.

“I think she’s maybe starting to listen to [the Hound] and learn from him because he’s kind of got it right,” Williams says. “As much as she is loyal to the stuff she learned from Syrio and the right way of killing people and effective way of killing people, she is realizing at the end of the day you have to get the job done and that’s what he is good at.”

That sounds dangerous. Meanwhile, Williams teases to E! Online, “Arya’s really changing this year and I’m not sure people are going to like who she’s becoming. She’s turning a lot darker and she’s not quite as fun as she used to be … It’s a different Arya than we’ve seen before.”

Williams has been making the rounds promoting the “Game of Thrones” Season 3 Blu-ray and DVD, out on Feb. 18, and she stopped by a London screening to discuss the show. Watch her appearance below:

“Game of Thrones” Season 4 premieres on HBO on April 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz