game of thrones season 4 episode 3 breaker of chains sansa littlefinger 'Game of Thrones' Season 4: Sophie Turner says Sansa won't be Littlefinger's prisoner

At long last, Sansa Stark is out of King’s Landing. The eldest Stark daughter was held prisoner at the capital of Westeros for more than two seasons on “Game of Thrones,” but following the death of King Joffrey, she managed to escape the city to be rescued by Littlefinger. But did she just trade one dangerous captor for another?

According to Sophie Turner, no. Though Petyr Baelish is not a man to be trusted, Turner argues that Sansa has learned a lot in the past few seasons and will apply it to the new situation she finds herself in.

“Sansa gets a lot stronger this season. She kind of realizes that when she leaves King’s Landing that there’s really no hold on her. I mean, it’s one-on-one now,” Turner tells Zap2it. “There’s no one that can really hold her prisoner anymore because she feels like, this season, she’s on an equal level to Littlefinger. She knows what he’s about, he knows what she’s about. It’s really interesting to have this kind of face-off between them.”

It’s no secret that Littlefinger had a soft spot for Sansa’s mother Catelyn, and Turner says that now can be applied to her character. “Littlefinger always has a one-up on everyone, but he — as we know — has this weakness for Catelyn, and so who knows,” she says. “He might see the resemblance between Catelyn and Sansa and get a little weakness for her.”

Just as Sansa got away from King’s Landing, Turner is leaving the location and actors and crew members she’s worked with for two-plus seasons. Now she, like many of the other main characters on the show, is being sent on her own solo storyline, and Turner admits she’ll miss her friends at the Red Keep.

“It’s nice to work with new people. Obviously I miss the old people. I miss the King’s Landing crew,” she says, adding, “It is refreshing because it makes you realize that Sansa’s story is just propelling further and further forward and getting more and more interesting. It’s going to be good.”

So now that Sansa is free from Joffrey and Cersei and all the politics in King’s Landing, what does Turner want for her character? She has a ready answer.

“This is what I hope: [Sansa will] go away from King’s Landing, and then she’ll come back in like 10 years and people will still underestimate her, and she’ll be like, ‘No. I know everything,'” Turner says, though she notes George R.R. Martin hasn’t told her where her character is going in the books. “I just feel like she is going to be one of these great manipulators and no one’s going to be able to mess with her — this is what I hope. That no one’s going to be able to even stand up to her because she’s learning from the best, Littlefinger.”

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Posted by:Terri Schwartz