Just what was up with that final scene at the end of “Game of Thrones” Season 4, episode 4 “Oathkeeper,” and why did showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss include a scene new to the George R.R. Martin novels? According to the pair, they wanted to really freak fans out.

And they succeeded. Benioff and Weiss explain in the latest “Game of Thrones: Inside the Episode” video why they included the scene in the way that they did, and what they hope to add to the show.

“The White Walkers are obviously this threat that’s looming over the whole world of the show, whether or not anybody knows it. We know it, and we wanted to delve deeper into their world, but we wanted to do it in sort of a specific way,” Weiss explains. “Having grown up as a kid watching some of the old monster movies, you realize that the most effective, mysterious, horrible things were the ones that remained mysterious; that the more you showed of something, the less mysterious and horrible and the more sort of mundane it started to seem. So we really wanted to just take people very deep into their world, but in a way that preserved the fundamental mystery of that world.”

Benioff elaborates, “Part of it was just something that we were always very curious about. The very first time we saw Craster leave a baby in Season 2, you’re wondering what the h*** that’s all about. You see the White Walker take it. Are the White Walkers going to eat the babies? Are they going to sacrifice them in some kind of ritual? What happens? We love the idea there was one last baby Craster had fathered before he died, and it’s a moment that, while not in the books, is kind of suggested by the books and a moment that we thought would be really fun to illustrate in a horrifying way. And it was actually pretty horrifying.”

To make the scene even more horrifying and jarring, the decided to frame it from the perspective of Craster’s baby. “The revelation of what the Walkers are actually doing with the babies we hope will come as a particularly nasty surprise to people,” Weiss teases. Job well done.
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Posted by:Terri Schwartz