game of thrones game telltale 'Game of Thrones' Telltale game gets George R.R. Martin assistanceGeorge R.R. Martin will leave his mark on Telltale Games’ “Game of Thrones” episodic video game series. But before fans get up in arms about the author distracting himself from writing “The Winds of Winter,” it’s actually Martin’s assistant Ty Corey Franck who will be doing the heavy lifting.

The New York Times reveals the news in a feature discussing the upcoming game. No details of the plot have been revealed, but progress is definitely being made. The fact that Franck is involved is a huge vote in confidence in the quality of the “Game of Thrones” title and its relevance to the book and TV series.
Apparently Telltale sold HBO on the episodic game series with a 10-minute presentation detailing what their version of Westeros might look like. 

“We were struck by the sophisticated level of work and high-quality approach to storytelling in all of their games,” Josh Goodstadt, the vice president for global licensing at HBO, tells the Times. “We quickly recognized that this same level of quality and dedication could be a great complement to the richness of ‘Game of Thrones.'”
Posted by:Terri Schwartz