gang related finale season 2 'Gang Related' EP optimistic about Season 2, says it 'will be richer' than Season 1“Gang Related” ended with a bang Thursday (Aug. 14). Zap2it has the post-game from executive producer Scott Rosenbaum, but be warned of major spoilers below, so don’t keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.

In the finale, it was revealed that Javier Acosta ordered Jessica Chapel’s murder, and when Ryan Lopez found out, he put out a hit on Javier in prison, which Rosenbaum says was the breaking point for Ryan.

“Ryan’s arc for the season has always been him trying to decide between being loyal to his cop family or to his gang family,” says Rosenbaum. “It wasn’t just the loyalty, but it was him figuring out who he is and what his moral compass is and how far he’s willing to go. This is the breaking point for him, when he sets up Javier to be assassinated in jail.”

Rosenbaum will neither confirm nor deny that Javier is dead, but he does tease, “If he dies or if he survives, what’s a more interesting Season 2?”

“Gang Related” has not officially been renewed yet, but Rosenbaum says he is optimistic about a second season.

“The studio and the network really like the show a lot,
regardless of the numbers, which have not been great,” Rosenbaum admits. “They feel very
strongly that creatively it’s a really good show, so we’re trying to
find a way to bring it back. I imagine I’ll know in the next couple

With its fate still up in the air, the show’s creators have been talking about where they’d like to go in Season 2. Rosenbaum tells us, “The thing that was always really interesting to me was how do you get out? If you’re a gang family and for the last 20 years you’ve been knee-deep in illegal activities, can you actually get out? What would that look like?

“The one person in my mind who is truly capable of leading this family in the way that would be the most successful and straddle both lines would be Ryan,” says Rosenbaum, despite the fact that he’s not Javier’s son by blood.

“Part of the show is Ryan’s journey as he moves up through the ranks in the world and can he escape his past? How high can he actually soar with the right people pushing the right buttons behind him?” Rosenbaum continues. “In a perfect world, if we could do multiple seasons, that would be what we would track — how does a guy who starts out as a member of a gang task force, how high can he rise? And if he does rise to the ultimate heights, it’s a house of cards and you pull one card out and it collapses, so how is he going to protect himself? How is he going to stay one step ahead of those who want to expose him?”

He finishes with a juicy tease: “The stuff that we’re planning for Season 2 will be better than Season 1. It will be richer and more character-driven. I’m excited about it, it really got my creative juices flowing.”

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