garth brooks getty Garth Brooks wins $1 million in hospital lawsuitAn Oklahoma jury found that Integris Canadian Valley Regional Hospital must pay Garth Brooks $1 million after it failed to use the singer’s donation to build a women’s health center and name it in honor of his late mother.

In the ruling reached on Tuesday (Jan. 24), the jury found that the Yukon, OK hospital was in breach of contract after accepting Brooks’ $500,000 donation but never constructing the facility. In addition, the jury awarded Brooks $500,000 in punitive damages.

“Obviously we are disappointed, particularly with the jury’s decision to award damages above and beyond the $500,000,” says hospital spokesman Hardy Watkins. “We’re just glad to see the case come to a resolution.”

While the hospital said that they believed there were no strings attached to the donation, Brooks clearly believed otherwise. This is a point his attorney John Hickey hit on during his closing arguments.

“This case is about promises: promises made and promises broken,” Hickey tells the jury. “Mr. Brooks kept his promise. Integris never intended to keep their promise and never built a new women’s center.”

Following the results, Brooks tells the AP that he is vindicated by this ruling and says, “I no longer feel like I’m crazy.” 

Posted by:David Eckstein