rob ford gawker crackstarter goal maggots globe and mail Gawker reaches its 'Crackstarter' goal as Toronto mayor Rob Ford's soap opera continues

Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s life has become the stuff of soap operas lately.

While no stranger to scandals (the mayor was almost removed from office at one point), Ford has had a lot of allegations come his way recently. Gawker and the Toronto Star have claimed to see a video in which Rob Ford smokes crack cocaine. The Toronto police have allegedly spoken with Ford’s office concerning an ongoing investigation. Several members of the mayor’s staff have resigned or been fired.

Oh, and Gawker’s “Rob Ford Crackstarter” campaign reached its $200,000 fundraising goal to buy the crack video.


The campaign run by the website, Gawker, to purchase the video that allegedly shows Rob Ford smoking crack with drug dealers, has ended. In order for the fundraising effort, crowd-sourced on Indiegogo, to go forward, Gawker needed to raise $200,000 by the end of Monday, May 27.

They reached $201,254. A lot of people want to see this video.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, Gawker has been unable to get in contact with the person who actually has the video. Over the next few days, we will probably learn whether or not this will appear. The campaign has pledged to donate to a Canadian non-profit that deals with drug and alcohol addiction.

“A bunch of maggots”

Rob Ford and his brother have a weekly radio show in Toronto. They probably should have skipped the broadcast on Sunday (May 26).

Since Ford is not exactly known for his tact, the audience may not have been too surprised to hear the mayor refer to journalists as “a bunch of maggots.” He later apologized for these remarks, but continued to insist that he was being villainized. “Number one, there is no video, so that’s all I can say,” Ford responded when asked about the crack video. “You can’t comment on something that doesn’t exist.”

Resignations, firings and police interest

But it’s not just the press that are troubling Ford lately. His own staff members are leaving as well.

Two staffers — press secretary George Christopoulos and deputy press secretary Isaac Ransom — resigned on Monday (May 27). On Friday (May 24), Ford’s chief of staff, Mark Towhey, was reportedly fired after telling the mayor he should resign and get help. Reports say that Towhey was escorted from City Hall by security.

What about the police? Homicide detectives spoke to a member of the mayor’s staff last week, although no one has said why yet. Conjecture points to the case of Anthony Smith, a 21 year old who was shot and killed in March. A photo of Smith with Ford has been released, but nothing has definitively linked the two men in any other way.

If this were a soap opera, connections would definitely be coming soon. Since it’s real life, anything could happen next.

Posted by:Laurel Brown