marisol nichols gcb 'G.C.B's' Marisol Nichols: 'It's fun being the single one'“G.C.B.” is the newest comedy from ABC, which chronicles high school mean girl Amanda Vaughn’s (Leslie Bibb) moving back to Dallas and in with her mother in the wake of her husband’s ponzi scheme scandal. Marisol Nichols plays Heather Cruz, one of the girls Amanda was mean to in high school and like her co-star Jennifer Aspen, Marisol tells Zap2it that Amanda has it coming.

“Yeah, I do [think Amanda has it coming].  I think they’re really enjoying her downfall
… now that being said, the whole point is they’re supposed to
forgive. You’re supposed to grow up, you’re supposed to grow out of
this,” says Nichols.

And her character Heather is definitely the quickest to forgive.

“Out of all of them, she’s the nicest. I like to think she’s the sanest out of all of them. The most grounded,” says Nichols. “But then she still has moments where she gets caught up in the game of Carlene Cockburn. She goes head-to-head with Carlene quite a few times.”

Carlene Cockburn is none other than the new head mean girl, played to the hilt by Kristin Chenoweth. Nichols tells us that Heather finds herself caught in the middle a lot.

“She has to walk that fine line – she really does like Amanda and she thinks she has changed, to also having to still work and live in this community of Dallas,” says Nichols. “And the fact that Carlene gives her a lot of her [real estate] business, so she’s got to play both sides and walk that rope. And it’ll get her in trouble.”

Nichols is also the main cast member who gets to wrestle with being single in the Dallas community of Highland Park, where the show is set, which means she gets a romance on the show.

“It starts in episode 2 and goes for a couple episodes,” says Nichols. “I get the wonderful Tom Everett Scott to play with. Always a blast. It’s fun being the single one, I gotta say. But [the women] give her so much hell for being single. That’s what she gets picked on the most for – not having as much money and not having a husband. [Scott’s character] is a billionaire, super crazy rich, which drives the other girls crazy.”

Fun times. “G.C.B.” premieres Sunday night (March 4) at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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