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MTV is launching a new docu-series called “Generation Cryo,” which chronicles a group of teen half-siblings who join together to find and meet their biological father, the sperm donor that each of their mothers used.

It all started with 17-year-old Breeanna Speicher, in a real-life reverse “Delivery Man”-type situtation — though she only has 15 half-siblings, instead of 500+ like in the movie.

The teens appeared on “Today” Thursday (Nov. 21) to talk about their decision to track down their biological father, which some of the half-siblings thought was not appropriate. Plus, some of the fathers who raised these kids are having a hard time with it.

“It’s a huge part of all of us, genetically, and I think that it’s where I come from,” Breeanna says on “Today.” “There are a lot of things that I know I’m nto like my mom in certain ways. I’m just a curious person. I wanted to know more about myself by knowing more than what the profile we received told me.”

Wendy Kramer
, diredtor of the Donor Sibling Registry, says that it’s an interesting question, to think about the right of the sperm donor to be anonymous versus a child to know the other half of his or her genetic and medical background.

“Even if we don’t end up finding him, or anything, this show has brought us so much closer as a familya nd no matter what, no one can break our bond,” says one half-sister. Jonah adds, “I feel like family.”

“Generation Cryo” airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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