geoff stults the locator Geoff Stults cast as lead in 'Bones' spin off, brings ominous track record

The proposed “Bones” spin-off finally has its man.

TVLine reports that “October Road” and “Happy Town” actor Geoff Stults will play eccentric investigator Walter Sherman.

Stults will make his debut, alongside Michael Clarke Duncan, in episode 19 of “Bones” current season — with hopes of parlaying it into a new series based Richard Greener‘s “The Locator” book series.

The pilot is rumored to be filming in Miami, taking place in the Florida Keys, though FOX is not confirming at this time.

Now, he’s certainly a familiar face, but Stults does bring along a bit of unsuccessful TV baggage with him. “October Road” managed to last two seasons at ABC (only accumulating a meager 19 episodes, and “Happy Town” fizzled in the summer of 2010, it’s final episodes only airing online.

Then again, he does have that charmingly spiky hair. And anyone who got their start on MTV’s “Undressed” is generally just fine with us.

Do you think he’s the right choice?

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell