george clooney stacy keibler red carpet George Clooney and Stacy Keibler make their red carpet premiere

We imagine that Stacy Keibler has been on her best behavior lately because George Clooney has finally allowed her to stand next to him on a the red carpet! Not behind him, not near him, but next to him. It’s on, people!

At Sunday’s (Oct. 16) New York Film Festival screening of “The Descendants,” Cloon-bler made its red carpet debut. The two have been linked for several months and photographed at parties, but never before have they brought their strikingly beautiful love to the carpet. It appears that Keibler has worn down serial bachelor Clooney’s resistance. Way to be persistent, Stacy.

Keibler, a former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant, is best known for her years as a WWE ring diva; her signature move was provocatively bending over to get between the ring ropes. Now she’s canoodling with the top of the A-list. That’s what we call “upward mobility,” folks…

Posted by:janderson