clooney wdc 6 getty George Clooney arrested for protest outside Sudan's embassy#FREECLOONEY! Looks like George Clooney got his wish: The actor got arrested Friday (March 16) morning in an act of non-violent protest of Sudan’s blocking humanitarian aid, reports The Washington Post.

It was all part of the actor’s plan, though, as he an other activists like Rep. Jim Moran, Enough Project’s John Prendergast and Martin Luther King III — along with George’s father, Nick Clooney — stood outside the Sudan embassy in Washington, D.C. By standing on the private property, the group knew they’d be likely to be cuffed, arrested and charged — and looks like that’s exactly what happened, according to the Washington Post’s tweet: “Update: George Clooney arrested, in handcuffs outside of Sudan embassy.”

The Oscar winner made the trip to D.C. in hopes of effecting change in the region. His trip began March 14 and included a meeting with President Obama and testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

What do you think of Clooney’s civil disobedience?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper