In case you missed it last week, actor and activist George Takei was on “The Daily Show” to talk about a new documentary film that has been made about his life called “To Be Takei.” In the interview, host Jon Stewart expresses surprise to learn that Takei and his family were sent to a Japanese internment camp during World War II.

“Too few people know about that dark chapter of American history, when American citizens of Japanese ancestry were summarily rounded with no charges, no trial, no due processing — the core pillar of our justice system — and put in barbed-wire prison camps simply because we happened to look like the people that bombed Pearl Harbor,” says Takei.

“I had just turned five years old, but I still remember that day when my parents dressed my brother and baby sister and I, they got us up very early in the morning and dressed us hurriedly … and we watched two American soldiers marching up the driveway with bayonets on their rifles, they stopped on the front porch and my father answered it and we were literally ordered out of our home ar gunpoint. … We were behind those barbed-wire fences for the duration of the war.”

It’s a fascinating and sobering interview, definitely worth a watch.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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