gerard depardieu getty Gerard Depardieu accident explained: 'Prostate problems'Gerard Depardieu now has an explanation for why he relieved himself on the floor of an Air France flight — he has a prostate problem.

The statement, which came from one of Depardieu’s travel partners rather than the actor, explains that Depardieu was attempting to go in an empty water bottle while the plane taxied before take off. But that’s when problems arose.

Edouard Baer tells Europe 1 radio, “It’s just that the bottle was too small. It’s true that it overflowed … It was very humiliating and awkward for him.” Baer adds, “However outrageous my friend Gerard can be,
no-one would be happy to have prostate problems and to be obliged to

Baer says that the 62-year old actor had not been drinking, contrary to previous reports.

The French acting legend was en route from Paris to Dublin on Aug. 16, when he urinated on the RJ-85 aircraft’s floor. The plane was forced to return to the gate where Depardieu and his companions were kicked off the flight.

The “Green Card” actor was not arrested and no charges have been filed.

Posted by:David Eckstein