lena dunham jezebel girls hbo 'Girls': Lena Dunham gives Jezebel an oddly timed shout out after Vogue controversyTalk about a weird set of circumstances.

Just a week after Jezebel sparked controversy with its $10,000 bounty for unaltered photos of Lena Dunham from her Vogue cover shoot, the website will be getting name checked on Sunday’s (Jan. 26) episode of “Girls.”

In the episode of the HBO series, Dunham’s Hannah Horvath defends the website, part of the Gawker Media empire, during a disagreement with Adam (Adam Driver), who doesn’t believe Hannah should get her “news” from Gawker, which he says is run by “a bunch of jealous people who make a living appealing to our basest desire to see each other kicked while we’re down.”

Hannah counters him: “It’s a web portal that celebrates the written world. And its sister site, Jezebel, is a place where feminists can go to support one another, which we need in this modern world of slut shaming…”

The episode, of course, was shot months before the recent skirmish. Dunham, however, has been targeted by Gawker Media since she rose to fame. In December 2012, the website published her entire 66-page Random House book proposal, referring to it as “nauseating” and “cloying,” before her lawyers had it successfully taken down.

While Hannah may defend Jezebel, Dunham isn’t doing so in real life. When the site’s photo hunt made news, she tweeted, “Some s*** is just too ridiculous to engage. Let’s use our energy wisely, 2014.”

That same day, a fan tweeted at Dunham: “A new low for Jezebel. And to think, you defend Jezebel this season on @GirlsHBO!” She replied, making her thoughts very clear: “That is DEFINITELY sarcasm.”

“Girls” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.

Posted by:Billy Nilles