girls season 2 finale lena dunham 'Girls' Season 2 finale   'Together': Two out of three isn't badSeason 2 of “Girls” ends with Hannah falling deeper into her OCD, on the verge of being sued by her publisher and literally hiding from her friends. And yet … it’s OK?

This season has seen Hannah withdraw deeper and deeper into her own head, which as her junkie downstairs neighbor Laird tells her* is not a pleasant place to be. Since her road trip with Jessa in the “Video Games” episode, she’s barely had contact with anyone other than her mom and dad — and even he’s getting tired of Hannah’s tales of woe masking for manipulation.

(*Laird’s comment is, at least to me, further proof that while the characters on “Girls” and especially Hannah are deeply self-involved, the show itself is not.)

But when she desperately calls Adam — who himself is in a bad way, breaking apart a bunch of stuff in his apartment — he literally comes running to help her, imploring her to stay on Facetime with him while he sprints shirtless (because of course) across Brooklyn to save her.

It’s a huge, romantic moment for this couple, even if it raises big questions about whether it’s actually good for them. Natalia was able to be with him* without buying into his “dirty little whore” sex fantasy, but that leaves him feeling emasculated. Hannah, however, needs saving, and it lets him play hero.

(*Though it’s a little surprising they’re still together at all. I would’ve figured that what happened last week would be enough for her to end it with him. Nonetheless, good on her for calling Adam out on his bedroom talk.)

Adam and Hannah reconnecting is probably not healthy for either of them, but at this moment, it’s exactly what each of them needs. And his devotion to her, twisted though it may be, is touching.

The show’s other couples have mixed results. Shoshanna breaks up with Ray, no longer able to stand his critical thinking negativity. Before she does she at least snaps Ray into trying to do something with himself, so while he’s going to be running a new Grumpy’s, it’s not the root of the problem with his and Shoshanna’s relationship. The root is that Shoshanna feels sorry for him more than she loves him — and she’s not wrong to want out.

Marnie and Charlie, meanwhile, manage to turn their codependency back into something good, at least for now. It would be nice to see Marnie pull out of the downward spin she took this season, but it’s hard to tell right now whether she’s really in love with Charlie or just in love with the idea of “settling down” now that she’s apparently had all the experiences she needs.

Also? “Girls” was quite funny in spots with the finale, something that was missing as the past couple episodes delved into darker material. The show isn’t afraid to go wherever the story takes it, but after the past couple of downers, it was nice to have a few laughs with these people again.

What did you think of the “Girls” finale and of Season 2 as a whole? Can Adam and Hannah really be good for one another?

Posted by:Rick Porter