gaby hoffman girls hbo 'Girls' Season 3 episode 3 'She Said OK' recap: Gaby Hoffman goes there as Hannah celebrates her 25th birthdayThere’s plenty to love in Sunday’s (Jan. 19) episode of “Girls,” be it Ray’s (Alex Karpovsky) come to Jesus moment regarding Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet), Marnie’s (Allison Williams) ridiculous music video or the arrival of Hannah’s (Lena Dunham) unhinged editor, played by John Cameron Mitchell, at her birthday party. And we’ll get to all that in due time.

But before that, we’ve got to talk about Gaby Hoffman.

Playing Adam’s (Adam Driver) sister Caroline, the actress best known for her roles as a child actor in films like “Now and Then” and “Uncle Buck” arrives, set to shred every notion you’ve ever had about her. Adam doesn’t want his sister anywhere near him, and, as we come to see, it’s for pretty good reason.

Long story short: Caroline is insane. Like, seriously insane. Probably needs medication, entirely inappropriate insane. She arrives back in Adam’s life with a story about how her boyfriend left her on the side of the road. Her arrival illuminates just why Adam is the way he is: her broken bird schtick (and it seems very much like an act born out of what must be a mental illness) is certainly where that hero mentality came from in the Season 2 finale; her irrational behavior informs his very black and white view of the world.

Despite Adam’s protestations, Hannah falls prey to Caroline’s stories and shows her more hospitality than she proves to deserve. There’s a great moment where Hannah’s arrogance shines through, as she tells Adam she’s a great judge of people and knows Caroline is harmless, even though it’s Adam’s VERY OWN SISTER.

Ultimately, Hannah is proven wrong (because DUH), when Caroline tags along to her 25th birthday party, displays some aggressively strange behavior towards Ray and disappears — only to pop up in Hannah and Adam’s bathroom, pants missing, crushing glasses with her bare hands. Raise your hand if you ever expected to see little Gaby Hoffman, full frontal. Didn’t think so. So, now Adam and Hannah are stuck with Caroline. This doesn’t bode well for the couple.

Hoffman’s portrayal of Caroline is pretty awesome, in the sense that you’re literally left awestruck, but the presence of the character is certainly going to turn off viewers already pre-disposed to loathe the more insane aspect of “Girls.” Though, her inclusion into this world seems to be a taunt from episode writers Dunham and Jenni Konner (who also executive produces), saying: “You think Hannah’s a crazy, irrational character. Oh, we’ll show you crazy and irrational.”

Whether she’s here to change the perspective viewers have on the main core of characters or just blow up their world remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure: She won’t be boring.

Spare Parts:

– Ray’s moment with Shoshanna outside the bar was rather heartbreaking. He’s taking on all this responsibility in reaction to her reasoning for leaving him, but she seemed as though she couldn’t care less. The dialogue during his subsequent freak-out on Hannah’s editor over the LMFAO song was a touch on the nose, however.

– That terrible music video cover of Edie Brickell’s “What I Am” Marnie created with Charlie before he dumped her was hilarious in how awful it was. How long until HBO puts it online?

– Marnie forcing Hannah to sing at her party, after she explicitly told her she didn’t want to was pretty awful. I would honestly not talk to a friend for a while if they did that to me.

– Did Jessa (Jemima Kirke) even speak this week? Not sure. And not sure I minded.

Posted by:Billy Nilles