lena dunham girls recap only child hbo 'Girls' Season 3, episode 5   'Only Child': Hannah's world slowly starts to crumbleWell, the happy Hannah Horvath of early Season 3 could only last so long, right?

When this new season of “Girls” began, Hannah (Lena Dunham) was on top of the world: She and Adam (Adam Driver) were happily co-habitating, her OCD was under control and her e-book deal was back on track. And now, just five episodes in, it’s all nearly come undone.

The episodes kicks off with Hannah attending her publisher David’s funeral after his untimely demise last week, where she learns some shocking information. First, the man who was trolling for gay sex on Grindr the last time we saw him alive had a wife (Hey there, Jennifer Westfeldt!), but more importantly, Hannah’s book, along with all of David’s other projects, was being dropped by the publishing house.

Naturally, our favorite little narcissist loses all sense of decorum, actually uttering the words “So my book is dead?” at a man’s funeral — to his wife. Then she asks the grieving woman if she knows of another publisher. Oh Hannah. No. No, no, no.

Miraculously, Hannah finds herself another publisher unbelievably fast who want to release the e-book as a physical book instead. Just when it seems like everything’s going to work out, we’re reminded this is “Girls” and nothing ever really works out. Hannah’s confronted with the reality of her existing contract: Because she was paid, they own the rights to her book and have no plans to release those rights for three years. Unless she write something new, Hannah’s publishing career is on hold.

In the midst of all this, she’s also contending with the unhappy home life she created for herself by allowing Adam’s unhinged sister Caroline (Gaby Hoffman) to work her way into their lives. Intent on playing peacemaker for the siblings, Hannah’s inability to let Adam take lead on this blows up in her face once she finally blows up at Caroline while Adam’s out and kicks her out of their apartment.

The moment when Adam returns home at the close of the episode to learn that Hannah made another decision without him regarding his sister, one that could potentially be harmful for his unhealthy sibling, is one that signals bad times ahead for the couple.

Hannah’s so incapable of seeing past her own feelings that she doesn’t realize that, while Adam didn’t want Caroline there in the first place, he wouldn’t displace her now that she needs him. It’s his sister, after all.

Early in the episode, Hannah mentions that being an only child is lonely as a way of trying to make the siblings find some peace, but here we’re reminded that being an only child has also given Hannah an inherent selfishness. She thinks Adam will be pleased that she finally kicked Caroline out. Instead, she’s probably done irreparable damage to her relationship.

Spare Parts:

– Who saw that coming between Marnie (Allison Williams) and Ray (Alex Karpovsky)? His brutal takedown of her character flaws was spot-on and something she needed to hear. The sex, however? This can’t be good. Especially not when Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) finds out. Oh, dear.

– Jessa’s (Jemima Kirke) still reeling from finding out a friend literally faked her death to get away from her. Not sure how getting a job at a children’s clothing store will help. Shoshanna’s response was perfect: “Are you sure that’s the sort of job you should be having? Being near things that children are near?”

– “He had gay apps on his iPhone and he liked to show his ankles, but what does that even mean in this day and age?” – Hannah, after learning that David had a wife.

– “Hey Caroline, can you do me a favor? Can you try shutting the f*** up?”

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