danielle brooks girls season 3 gi 'Girls' Season 3: 'OITNB' star Danielle Brooks cast as show's first black female characterIn the two years that “Girls” has existed, Lena Dunham‘s buzzy HBO comedy has faced much criticism its lack of racial diversity. Early in Season 2, Dunham tried to rectify complaints by casting “Community” star Donald Glover in two episodes as Sandy, a love interest for her character, Hannah.

Through the character of Sandy, Dunham attempted to address the complaints lobbed against her show with a handful of very meta conversations about his place in Hannah’s life. Suffice to say, it didn’t work so well and those who took issue prior continued to voice their dissent. But perhaps her latest casting move, for the upcoming Season 3, will finally be what it takes to win over the critics.

A recent interview with actress Danielle Brooks (Taystee on Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black”) revealed that she’ll be involved in the new season. Asked by Ebony what was next for her, Brooks said, “Of course you’re going to get to see a lot of Taystee in Season 2 and I just shot an episode of ‘Girls’ for HBO. I will be the first black woman to be on ‘Girls,’ so that’s exciting for me.”

Brooks didn’t offer any details about what sort of character she’d be playing on the series, and no one from HBO has confirmed the casting, but expect the actress to bring the same magic she’s brought to the role of Taystee.

Do you think Brooks will make a good addition to the “Girls” world?

Posted by:Billy Nilles