glaad fox news kimberly guilfoyle jamie colby gi GLAAD begs Fox News anchors to attend awards, bans them, then takes it back

Fox News hosts Kimberly Guilfoyle (“The Five”) and Jamie Colby (“America’s News HQ”) were all smiles on the red carpet at the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards — the one where Madonna donned a Boy Scouts costume and kissed Anderson Cooper — but the folks behind the show, namely the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, were none too pleased about the women’s appearance at their event.
A spokesperson for GLAAD, Rich Ferraro, gave a statement to Equality Matters saying Guilfoyle and Colby would not be welcome on another red carpet until they submit themselves to a sit-down about their shared employer.
“If Kimberly and Jamie expect to attend future GLAAD events, they will first need to sit down with us to discuss Fox News’ embarrassing, biased and misinformed coverage of LGBT issues,” says Ferraro. “The invitation is open. Fox News’s track record on LGBT issues is abysmal, and it makes no sense to me why any LGBT people or allies would want to be a part of that.”
The problem is, the Fox News hosts weren’t party crashers at the awards show; they were invited guests. In fact, a representative of GLAAD sent an email before the event begging for talent from the news network to attend. In an email obtained by TV Newser, Marc Honaker writes, “We’d love to have lots of FNCers!” Honaker, the Director of Creative Development for the organization, references a photo of Guilfoyle and Colby at a previous GLAAD red carpet event and suggests that Fox News “represent” at the Media Awards.
glaad fox news email tv newser GLAAD begs Fox News anchors to attend awards, bans them, then takes it back
Well, it seems the folks behind the scenes at GLAAD have now gotten on the same page, as Ferraro tells Zap2it, “It was not my intention to offend Kimberly or Jamie. Part of our work at GLAAD is to raise awareness and visibility of allies from all walks of life, particularly among the growing number of conservatives who support LGBT people, and we look forward to working with voices like Kimberly, Jamie, and any other allies at FOX News to accomplish that.” Ferraro says, “My earlier statement was a reaction to FOX News’ coverage of LGBT people and not any individual journalists.”
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