pitch perfect glaad ted film list report GLAAD praises 'Pitch Perfect', criticizes 'Ted' in film report

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has released their first report regarding gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender characters in movies. Of the 101 movies released by studios in 2012, only 14 had a character representing the LGBT community.
As part of the study, the group found that 31 LGBT characters were presented in movies in 2013, 63% of them men and 83.9% white.
Among the movies that received the highest marks from the group were “Pitch Perfect” and “Cloud Atlas.” “Pitch Perfect” stands out as Ester Dean portrays Cynthia-Rose Adams, one of the only non-white lesbians portrayed on the screen in 2012. “Cloud Atlas” is noted for its same-sex love story, featuring Ben Whishaw.
Seth MacFarlane’s “Ted” didn’t receive such praise from GLAAD. While the movie includes a character that comes out as gay, it’s largely played for laughs. The film also uses words like “gay” and “homo” in a negative way.
Landing somewhere in the middle is “Marvel’s The Avengers.” The movie features a cameo by openly gay MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts, who appears as himself in a news report. He’s in the movie no longer than a few seconds, so GLAAD points out he could have been missed entirely.
As for individual studios, Universal Pictures leads the pack, with 25% of their 2012 movies featuring LGBT characters. Paramount Pictures and Sony Columbia more or less tie for second, with 21% each. Walt Disney and Warner Bros. featured LGBT characters in less than 10% of their movies, while 20th Century Fox got the worst grade with 0%.
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