jane lynch glee s2 large 'Glee': Jane Lynch can't wait for the DVDs, eitherJane Lynch surely has an insider’s track — and track suit — on the first season of “Glee,” but she’s as excited about the new home-video set as anyone.

Now widely famous as the hugely tuneful FOX show’s scheming gym coach, Sue Sylvester, the recent Emmy winner maintains she’s among those eager to get their hands on the complete collection when it’s released Tuesday (Sept. 14) on DVD and Blu-ray by Fox Home Entertainment.

“I might even pop it into my … well, I actually don’t even own a DVR anymore, but I may pop it into my computer and start watching it just to see it,” Lynch tells Zap2it. “It was a long time ago that we did a lot of these things, and it’s kind of nice to see the growth of all the characters and the plots and everything.”

As would be expected, Lynch is included prominently in the set’s special features, even extending to a selection titled “Meet Jane Lynch.” She appreciates the chance to reflect on where she and her “Glee” alter ego have been.

“What’s interesting is that every time I get a script, they reveal something new about Sue. I’ve done my actor’s work on her as far as I can, but there are new things about her story that I didn’t know. I mean, [upcoming guest star] Carol Burnett is actually going to be her Nazi-hunting mother! Sue might have been lying about that, but it turns out that’s true.”

After a busy round on the award circuit over the summer, including an honor from the Television Critics Association (which also feted “Glee” as a whole), Lynch is ready for a very active fall that includes — of course — the series’ second-season premiere Tuesday, Sept. 21, as well as a guest-host stint on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” Oct. 9.

“Because of the time commitment to ‘Glee,’ I really haven’t had much chance to do anything else,” Lynch confirms, “but that is enough. It pleases me. And I end up having to go to a lot of award shows, which is a complete joy. I wasn’t going to any a year ago!”

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Posted by:Jay Bobbin