glee 407 dynamic duets thanksgiving fox 'Glee': 5 things to expect from 'Dynamic Duets'

Give thanks, Gleeks! There will be a new episode of “Glee” on Thanksgiving night, and it is definitely one you do not want to miss. “Dynamic Duets” is a super episode in every way.

And we do mean super. The episode shows the crew at McKinley High as they all channel their inner superheroes. From Nightbird to the Human Brain to the Almighty Treble Clef, “Dynamic Duets” brings out the odd and costumed heroes hiding behind those mild-mannered, singing facades.

We wouldn’t want to give too much away, but here are 5 things that you can expect to see in the Thanksgiving-day “Glee” episode:

1. Something of great value is stolen, and one member of New Directions must face down his darkest temptations in order to get it back. He or she may even give in to the Dark Side.

2. Two characters duet on an REM song while wearing fedoras. It’s as if the Observers on “Fringe” suddenly burst into song and went indie.

3. The evil villain — and of course there is an evil villain — likes to stroke a white, Persian cat while he explains his dastardly deeds. Think “Dr. No” or “Austin Powers” to picture what this means.

4. One of the characters turns to her electronic personal assistant, Kiki (the alter ego of Siri?), for advice at one point. Kiki’s response? ” I think I am alive, and you are the machine.” Yes, the machines are going to take over on “Glee”!

5. Fans of the old “Batman” TV series — and fans of shipping names — will appreciate a moment in “Dynamic Duets” when graphics featuring the words “BAM!” and “SLAINE!” flash across the screen.

Want more? “Dynamic Duets” will air on Thanksgiving night (Nov. 22 at 9pm). And check back here before then for more previews of this super episode!


Posted by:Laurel Brown