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The death of Cory Monteith on July 13 was a huge blow to “Glee,” delaying production of the show’s Season 5 and bringing grief to both cast and crew. The aftermath could have been worse though. According to an interview with Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator and executive producer, there was a chance that “Glee” would not return without Monteith.

When talking with E!Online, Murphy explained that none of his choices were good. “There’s really no way to win in this situation,” he said. “So our position was, do we go off the air permanently? Do we go off the air until November? Do we start shooting again in January?”

The eventual decision was to resume production as planned, only delayed by a short amount of time. And Murphy’s opinion on the situation was not the only one that mattered. “Ultimately the person who made the decision was Lea [Michele], who felt that the best thing for the cast and crew was to be together and to get back to work and be together every day and talk about our memories of him,” Murphy explained.

Even if Lea Michele had chosen to quit the show altogether, that would have been acceptable to Murphy. He would not, however, want to continue without her. “If Lea had said to me, ‘I could never do this again and I don’t want to do this again,’ you know, she is sort of the show, so what do you do?” Murphy asked. “I would’ve, out of respect to her as a person, said ‘OK.'”

Michele did not choose to end her role — and therefore the show. Thus, the show will go on with a slight delay. “Glee” just won’t be quite the same when it returns.

Posted by:Laurel Brown