chris colfer julie andrews 'Glee': Chris Colfer still gunning for Julie Andrews guest spot

We’re normally skeptical of gratuitous stunt-casting, but we’re sort of rooting for this one.

Chris Colfer is still using the media to try and nab Julie Andrews for a cameo, and the “Glee” star is very candid about his approach.

On the Feb. 7 episode of “Live With Regis and Kelly,” Colfer confesses his strategy to the co-host.

“I’m campaigning to get Julie Andrews to play my grandmother,” he says, to which Ripa asks if a Golden Globe gets you Andrews’ home phone number.

“They should not,” he says, laughing, “because I would be there right now.” He has another idea of how to get what he wants, though.

“I think you’re just very obnoxious in interviews and say how much you’d love to have her on the show,” he says. “I’d love to have you on the show, Julie.”

Colfer has previously made a point of saying he’d want Andrews to play his “fashionable” grandmother, a moniker we think would fit her quite well. There is a bit of a resemblance, before you even take the matching side-parts into account.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell