glee new directions choir room glee club ended 'Glee' closes McKinley choir room as 'New Directions' ends: What now?Let’s all be honest: If “Glee” Season 6 turns into a full-fledged “Friends” rip-off like the one Tina imagined when she was knocked on the head and hallucinated (what is it with that girl and passing out?), we’d all like it more than this fractured half-New York, half-Ohio (zzzz) business that’s occupied Season 5.

The second half of the “Glee” 100th episode celebration, “New Directions” (i.e., the 101st episode, graduation part 2), brought some closure to the McKinley High glee club as they sang their final songs in the choir room. And for some reason, April Rhodes and Holly Holliday were there.

The episode, which also served as a coda to the entire McKinley High storyline, was alternately funny and infuriating, bringing us delightful gems like a Holly/Sue Sylvester “Amazing Race” audition video, but also a sequence that segued from Gwyneth Paltrow doing a Temple Grandin impression into an “American Hustle”-costumed, foam-party cover of the seminal Eddie Murphy classic “Party All the Time.”

For every amazing/tearful “Don’t Stop Believin'” cover, there was a scene that included the new McKinley High kids and some reeeeally cheesy dialogue. Despite the ridiculousness of it, the video the New Directions made for Mr. Schue’s unborn child was very sweet, though. And it had a really excellent Puck quip. (“That sweater’s legit!”)

Sue and Mr. Schue made some peace, with a chat over wine coolers in the choir room and the revelation that Sue got Will an interview for the choir director position at Carmel High (the home of Vocal Adrenaline).

Also of note: Tina’s going to Brown, but the other original glee club members are headed to New York City.

This episode wasn’t as strong an outing as the first half of the story, but there were some sweet moments. That bit of Finn dialogue at the end was a real sucker-punch. But the question we’re left with now is this: What the heck is “Glee” going to look like now? That felt very series finale-esque.

What do you think of “New Directions”? And where does “Glee” go from here?

Posted by:Jean Bentley