glee season 6 episode order midseason 'Glee' could have a shortened final season when it returns in 2015FOX is holding the sixth and final season of its musical comedy “Glee” for midseason, which means after Tuesday’s (May 13) Season 5 finale, we won’t see more episodes until 2015. But although it’ll be a long wait, once it returns the show will air back-to-back new episodes to complete its run.

“When it comes back in the second half of the season it will also air all their episodes in a row,” FOX Entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly says on a call with reporters to discuss the network’s 2014-15 TV schedule.

The final season is the back half of a two-season renewal “Glee” received in 2012, which came out of meetings with creator Ryan Murphy and the creative team. “That was really a business negotiation and we sat down creatively and heard where it was going,” Reilly says.

Right now the show is slotted for 22 episodes, but Reilly hints that decision could change once the season is plotted out. “The order currently is for 22 but we’re actually going to sit down with Ryan and figure that out,” he says. “We’re going to sit down and talk about exactly how to end the show now.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley