glee s3 e1 'Glee' dating guide: From Rachel & Finn to Mercedes & MarcusNone of the people in the above photo are dating each other.

When high school journo Jacob Ben Israel asked Mercedes (Amber Riley) if she was still dating Sam (Chord Overstreet) at the beginning of “Glee’s” season 3 premiere, she replied, “Honey, that is so June.”

She’s right. It’s been a while. With that in mind, we’ve assembled this handy list of the many tangled “Glee” romantic entanglements and where they stand (if anywhere) as of this fall.

Mr. Schuester & Emma Pillsbury: We love it! They’re happily cohabitating. But, wait — we’re not sure they’ve quite consummated that cohabitation yet. It would seem Emma’s still having intimacy problems. Rut-roh.

Rachel & Finn: The odd couple is back together, though Rachel’s Broadway-bound bond to Kurt struck us as way stronger than anything she’s got going on with Finn. But sometimes that’s how it goes in high school. We meet our true BFFs while boyfriends come and go.

Kurt & Blaine: Speaking of Kurt, he and Blaine will now conduct their very civilized and mature relationship in close proximity since Blaine transfered to McKinley High and immediately joined the glee club. We predict a little competition in their future, though.

Mercedes & umm… Marcus: If you’re the last person to know, we truly apologize — but Chord Overstreet is gone. Which means that Sam and Mercedes are “so June.” But Mercedes has a hot new relationship with Marcus (LaMarcus Tinker), who promises her, “We’re gonna make beautiful cocoa babies.”

Puck & Lauren: Lauren Zises (Ashley Fink) dumped both Puck and the glee club, not necessarily in that order. We’re kind of annoyed.

Tina & Mike: They seem to have settled into couple-hood just fine.

Brittany & Santana: Aside from a comment from Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) about Santana “playing both sides,” there was nary a mention of their lady love. 

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson