glee season 6 new characters 'Glee' is searching for 5 new McKinley High students for Season 6If there’s one thing “Glee” needs, it’s more characters! Well, that seems to be what the creative team behind the show is thinking, because it just put out a casting call for five new high-school characters to join the show’s sixth and final season.

Per TVLine, the new recurring characters will all be sophomores at McKinley High (and presumably New Directions members as well).

The new students include Roderick, a shy, chubby “goober” and “the show’s new underdog” with an Otis Redding-like voice; Spencer, a hotshot football player with an amazing voice who also happens to be gay, but “post-Glee gay — no one messes with him about his sexuality because he will kick their a**es if they do”; Jane, an “unconventionally pretty” ambitious student with no sense of humor who wants to be a Warbler but settles for the New Directions instead; and Mason and Madison, weirdo, ultra-positive male and female twin Cheerios.

Does “Glee” actually need new high schoolers? What about all those new characters who didn’t really catch on over the past two seasons? Does a shortened, 13-episode run even have room to introduce new people in addition to wrapping up the storylines of the original characters we know and love?

Posted by:Jean Bentley