finn rachel finale 'Glee': Finn and Rachel's reunion nearly thwarted by the entire city of New York“Glee” hasn’t made it easy on us Finn/Rachel fans this season, has it? First, Ryan Murphy promised us a season sans breakups… and then they broke up before Christmas. Along came Quinn, back for round 2 of the Finn saga, and of course, Jesse St. James made his reappearance at a particularly inopportune moment.

The season finale gave us just enough Finchel goodness to mend our broken hearts… and then it crushed them mercilessly.

In a text message – obviously the new handwritten love-letter – Finn asked Rachel to meet her in Central Park and then took her to dinner at Sardi’s, fulfilling one of the Broadway-bound Ohio girl’s dreams when Patti Lupone just happened to be there, finishing up her meal. He even topped it with a street serenade courtesy of his slightly stalkery “Glee” BFFs, before going in for the kiss.

Unfortunately, we got not one, but two false starts. Rachel just couldn’t bring herself to take a chance on the man who broke her heart.

“I can’t have anything keep me from my Manhattan destiny!” Rachel told Kurt over breakfast the next morning (at Tiffany’s, natch). Turns out, her true love is New York City and the Broadway stage, not the “country boy” from Ohio – though she admitted that she loved him just before their duet.

The song they chose, by the way, was written by Finn, with choice lines like “we’re so close, yet so far apart” and “will we ever have our happy ending?” So. Deep.

But seriously, who cares? Slow-mo public kissing ensued! Right in front of Jesse St. James! Victory lap. (Only, not really, because New Directions didn’t rank at Nationals, possibly because of that unprofessional slow-mo public kissing.)

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie