glee finchel hug 320 'Glee' heartbreak: Couples conflict edition“Glee” shippers probably aren’t too happy with Tuesday’s (Nov. 30) “Special Education” episode.

As New Directions and the Warblers prep for Sectionals, it’s drama, drama, drama for the members of the respective show choirs. We imagine that The Hipsters are far too mature for that kind of stuff since we didn’t see any of their behind-the-scenes story. Then again, maybe FOX is saving that for webisodes.

Spoilers! Watch “Special Education” before reading further.

Sorry to say, but love does not run smoothly for our Gleeks, well, except for Sam and Quinn, who definitely get elevated to leading man and lady with their perfectly sweet relationship and fun duet at Sectionals. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Artie-Brittany, Tina-Mike Chang

Artie‘s understanding of Brittany is actually pretty sweet, although he tries to pull a “Dumbo” and give Brittany a magic comb to boost her confidence for sectionals. Tina, however, thinks that their respective partners are cheating with each other since Mike Chang tastes like Brit’s lip smackers (Exhibit A) and Brittany has been avoiding Artie (Exhibit B). Turns out Brittany was just ashamed because she lost the magic comb, so in the end all is right with the supporting Gleeks and they make up with an Asian kiss (well, Tina and Mike do).

Will and Emma

Well sir, this is going to put a damper on things. After a declaring love for each other, Emma and Carl go
off to Sin City where what happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay in
Vegas. We’re talking nuptials, and we’re hoping an Elvis was the

glee jayma mays ring 320 'Glee' heartbreak: Couples conflict editionWith Emma married and hyphenated, this has to be the end of her thing with Will,
right? Not judging by the “oh noes” expression in her large, limpid
Bambi eyes. Emma has been taking that acting impulsively thing too far
this season. Nothing good can come of it, and now we can’t expect a
Will-Emma kiss under the mistletoe. Or can we?

So much other good stuff from the episode, which definitely had a different, more focused feel to it.

Finn and Rachel

Rachel finds out that Finn had lost his virginity to Santana, which creates some tension and defensiveness on Finn’s part since they weren’t together at the time. Sheesh yeah, Rachel, is every guy supposed to de-virginize themselves for you? He shows incredible (for Finn) insight though when he points out that she’s just bugged by the “Santana of it all.” Santana really has been picking on Rachel this season. Wonder why that is?

Just as Finchel reconcile, vowing that there will be no more lying or secrets, Rachel drops a bomb: To placate her woman scorned feelings, she tries to seek revenge by sleeping with Puck, who does Finn a solid (for once) and decides not to go through with it. So Rachel was all set to be virgins together until marriage, but at the first sign of trouble she’s ready to hand her V-card over for Puck to punch? Such integrity.

Rachel, how are you so dumb? You deserve to be broken up with publicly for that crap, and once again insightful Finn points out that after his experience with Quinn, Rachel’s choosing to do the deed with Puck is downright mean. With all those tearful ballads you sing, Finn has finally given you a real reason to cry.


Okay, no lovesickness yet (and did you catch Blaine gazing at Kurt during his solo audition?), but Kurt is dealing with the heartache of missing New Directions and having his individuality celebrated, his voice heard — in more ways than one.

We’re not sure how we feel about this blending in with the Warblers thing (Hello? He’s KURT!) but we’ll see where it’s going since they bothered to give Blaine that ridiculous, heavy-handed canary metaphor about being in a cage, molting and then wanting to sing again. We get it.

Other highlights and musings:

  • LOLz to Kurt’s weekend activities — “I volunteer at a stray cat rescue at the bottom of a coal mine” — after receiving Pavarotti the canary.
  • Frankly, we think that Warblers stuff about only being part of a team is BS.
  • glee heather morris corner 320 'Glee' heartbreak: Couples conflict editionBrittany in the corner: “I’m paralyzed with fear. I’ve been here since second period and I really need to pee.”
  • Puck: “More like its bad-am-assador.”
  • Boo to Lauren. She’s just a hateful character, especially because she thinks show choir is lame.
  • Yup, still loving the Rachel-Kurt friendship.
  • He was mature, actually kept the students in line this time and is falling in nicely with Zap2it’s TV Show Rehab: 12 steps to a better “Glee.”
  • We want Rachel’s bunny rabbit sweater.
  • Hilarious yet sweet moment when Blaine motions for Kurt to lower his hands when he gets caught up in “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina.”
  • Brittany has motorcross practice?
  • “Dog Days Are Over” is just a great song, but we think we prefer Florence + the Machine’s version.
  • Of course Warblers and New Directions tied. It’s not the end of Kurt’s journey at Dalton, and we need them to be real competition to each other.

Heartbreaking lines of the night:

You said you’d never break up with me.
I never thought you’d make me feel like this.

Your take on the episode?

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