glee gift guide 'Glee' holiday gift guide: Muppet kits, Alexander McQueen scarves, and more presents for your GleekLove “Glee”? Love someone who loves “Glee” and can’t figure out what to buy them for Christmas/Hanukkah (there’s still time left!)/etc.? You’ve come to the right place. In an attempt to eschew the obvious gift choices — the many “Glee” soundtrack albums are great, but your Gleek probably already owns them all anyway — Zap2it has put together a comprehensive list of gift suggestions for the “Glee” lover in your life.

Want to dress like Kurt? Style your hair like Blaine? Live in your own Muppet-filled gas leak-induced dream world? Look no further:

land of stories enchantress returns chris colfer 'Glee' holiday gift guide: Muppet kits, Alexander McQueen scarves, and more presents for your GleekUnder $50:

Mirrorball keychain ($4): Show your support for recently crowned “Dancing With the Stars” champion Amber Riley with a mini version of the trophy the “Glee” star received for her victory.

“Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album, Vol. 4” ($6): This year’s holiday album includes “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” “Away in a Manger,” and more.

“Glee Sings the Beatles” ($12): Okay, so there are like 600 “Glee” songs to choose from. The most recent compilation is from Season 5’s two-part Beatles tribute.

“The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns” ($14): Chris Colfer isn’t just a triple threat, singing and dancing and acting his way through “Glee.” He’s also written a screenplay and starred in the movie, and he’s also an author. The second book in his children’s book series came out in August.

Hair pomade ($22): Emulate Blaine’s slicked-back look or Mr. Schue’s trademark coif with this styling pomade from Los Angeles-based men’s grooming e-retailer The Motley, in which Darren Criss is a partner.

Dalton Warblers uniform T-shirt ($25): Those Dalton Warbler uniforms look kinda itchy, but this T-shirt from Fox is a comfy cotton alternative to the private school’s blazer.

Brittana bracelets ($29): This pair of bracelets — one reads “You’re the Brittany to my Santana,” the other reads “You’re the Santana to my Brittany” — is the best because you can keep one for yourself and give the other to your sweetheart.

Cheerios outfit ($45): Who doesn’t want to dress like their favorite bitchy cheerleader? Useful for costume parties, Halloween parties and beyond.

glee sue sylvester track suit 'Glee' holiday gift guide: Muppet kits, Alexander McQueen scarves, and more presents for your GleekUnder $100:

Red track suit ($50): Sue Sylvester may not be the most stylishly dressed character, but she sure is the most comfortable!

Make-your-own Muppet kit ($65): You don’t need a gas leak-induced fever dream to inspire you to make a puppet in the likeness of your significant other, just this handy kit.

Custom nameplate necklace ($65): Pay tribute to your own loved ones a la Rachel’s sweet tribute to her late boyfriend with a customized nameplate necklace of your very own.

Olive Garden gift card ($75): In Lima, Ohio the place to be is Italian eatery Breadstix. In real life, you can hit up your local Olive Garden instead. Hey, that unlimited salad and breadsticks deal is a bargain in any town.

Broadway musical tickets ($99): You just know that Kurt and Rachel have seen every Broadway musical with a student rush. Mezzanine tickets will run you less than $100, but you can usually find even better deals online (or, if you’re in NYC, at the TKTS booth). Check what’s playing at your local theater.

glee kurt alexander mcqueen scarf 'Glee' holiday gift guide: Muppet kits, Alexander McQueen scarves, and more presents for your GleekOver $100:

Monthly MetroCard ($112): Travel like a real New Yorker with an unlimited MetroCard: that’s how Rachel, Kurt, and Santana get from their Bushwick loft to the Midtown diner where they work. No clue if it works on the secret passage that connects McKinley High to the Montrose Ave. L stop, though.

Flip cam ($199): Encourage the Artie in your life — i.e. the budding film director — with a portable Flip cam they can use to make movies at home.

Alexander McQueen skull scarf ($295): Kurt has worn several version of this classic skull print chiffon scarf from late designer Alexander McQueen. The blue version isn’t currently available, but there are still a variety of colors to choose from.

Drum kit ($400): Both Finn and the late Cory Monteith were excellent drummers. Lean to play on your very own 5-piece kit.

Custom flash mob ($a lot, probably): Give your Gleek a real-life musical number with a company that stages flash mobs. Email for pricing.

Posted by:Jean Bentley