glee lea michele naya rivera feud 'Glee': Is there a Lea Michele Naya Rivera feud brewing offstage too?It appears “Glee’s” Rachel Berry/Santana Lopez feud has bled offscreen too. According to a new report, Lea Michele and Naya Rivera were involved in an argument during shooting that led to one of them being booted off set — although the person kicked out is up for debate.

Rivera’s pals tell TMZ that the actress was fed up with Michele’s “diva behavior,” which included making the cast and crew wait to shoot a scene while she “dealt with personal matters,” so she told producers about the incident. When Michele got back to set, she found out that Rivera tattled and stormed off set.

But Michele’s friends tell TMZ that Michele and Rivera weren’t even shooting scenes together, Michele didn’t know about any complaints and Rivera was the one who left the set.

“Glee” is nearing the end of filming for Season 5; its finale is scheduled for May 13.

Posted by:Jean Bentley