julia roberts sept 2010 gi 'Glee': Julia Roberts is 'a great supporter'Julia Roberts says that even if she didn’t know the show’s mentor as well as she does, she’d still love “Glee.”

Ryan Murphy — one of the creators and executive producers of the FOX series — directed the Oscar winning actress in last year’s movie “Eat Pray Love,” which begins its premium-cable run Saturday (April 2) on Starz. She says she made many “lifelong friends,” Murphy among them, from that involved and international shoot.

“That answers any question I might have had about whether I should travel that far or whether I should drag the kids around the world,” Roberts tells Zap2it. “If the question was, ‘Is it going to be worth it?,’ the answer was a resounding ‘Yes’ at every turn. Ryan Murphy and [co-stars] Javier Bardem and Richard Jenkins are now my pals.”

Whether Murphy’s pal or not, Roberts states, “I am a great supporter of ‘Glee.’ It’s so fun! It’s such a great show, and it has such a great balance of humor and realism and optimism. I think that’s what makes it so watchable.”

The host and executive producer of the new OWN special “Extraordinary Moms” Saturday, May 7, Roberts admits she’s less inclined to travel as she did for as long as she did on  “Eat Pray Love,” which took her to India and Italy. She says her three children, including twins, are the main considerations.

“We were a traveling preschool,” she muses of her 2009-10 itinerary. “My husband (cameraman Danny Moder) and I look at our work schedules and try to do things that keep us all together. Now that the older kids are in kindergarten, we try to be a little more aware of that schedule and work around it. That’s more the decision-making process than trying to assess what people might be interested in seeing me in.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin