glee carl emma 'Glee': Listen to Kurt and Blaine perform Neon Trees' 'Animal'Oh, Kurt and Blaine (or should we call you “Klaine”?), we love you so. Even if you two crazy kids never start dating on “Glee,” please never stop singing together.

In the hit show’s upcoming episode “Sexy,” Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) duet on Neon Trees’ hit single “Animal,”and we have to say, it’s sounds awesome. We’re pretty sure Criss can do no wrong as Blaine at this point. Also, we’re glad Kurt is finally getting to perform again. We feel like it’s been way too long since we’ve heard his voice.

For more musical delight, we present you with John Stamos (back as Carl, Yay!!!), Emma (Jayma Mays) and the New Direction gang performing “Afternoon Delight.” Granted, it is hard for us to hear that song and not think of “Anchorman,” the group sounds good and we’re looking forward to seeing the performance.

What else can we expect from “Sexy”? The return of Gwyneth Paltrow (We repeat, Yay!!!) as Holly Holliday, the sub who fills in for the sex-education teacher. She’ll team up (and reportedly hook up) with Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) to teach the kids the facts of life. Also, Emma heads up the Celibacy Club. From teenage to drinking to Celibacy Club? Only on “Glee.”

“Sexy” airs Tuesday, Mar. 8, at 8 PM on FOX.

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