glee ricky martin 'Glee': Listen to Ricky Martin sing en Espanol in 'The Spanish Teacher'

“Glee” gets its first in a slew of Spanish-speaking guest stars in Tuesday’s episode (Feb. 7), entitled “The Spanish Teacher.” Ricky Martin visits McKinley High as the teacher in question, and gives Mr. Schue a run for his money in the Espanol department. Finally, someone challenging the notion that Mr. Schuester knows fluent Spanish, let alone actually teaches anyone aside from those weekly life lessons to his glee kids!
On the docket this week, song-wise: Sam’s actually quite fun mashup of Gypsy Kings‘ “Bamboleo” and Enrique Iglesias‘ “Hero” (a personal karaoke favorite of ours), Mr. Schue’s Spanglish interpretation of the Elvis classic “A Little Less Conversation,” Mercedes’ cover of Gloria Estefan‘s “Don’t Wanna Lose You” and a frightening half-spanish cover of LMFAO‘s ubiquitous “Sexy and I Know It.”
Why you’d saddle Martin, who has a lovely voice, with a song that doesn’t actually contain much singing is beyond us, but here you go. Maybe it’s better with some Spanish phrases tossed in? Oh… no. It isn’t. There’s video, too, but you probably shouldn’t watch if you get really uncomfortable secondhand embarrassment. Particularly during Cory Monteith‘s body roll at :56. Has anyone GIF’d that yet?

glee spanish 'Glee': Listen to Ricky Martin sing en Espanol in 'The Spanish Teacher'

Posted by:Jean Bentley