glee sadie hawkins songs music wade baby got back fox 'Glee': Listen to the music from the 'Sadie Hawkins' episode“Glee” has a dance coming up for “Sadie Hawkins,” airing on Thursday (Jan. 24). And where there’s a dance, there’s a lot of music. You can listen to all of the songs from the episode right here.

There are indeed a lot of songs being covered by the “Glee” kids as they get ready for a girls-ask-guys dance. Check them all out below.

First up is Vonda Shepard‘s “Tell Him,” sung on “Glee” by Brittany (Heather Morris) and Marley (Melissa Benoist):

Based on what we know, these two ladies will be asking Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Jake (Jacob Artist), respectively.

Next up is Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz), singing “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” from “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

Considering that this episode features Tina’s inexplicable and baseless crush on Blaine (Darren Criss), this is a very appropriate song choice. Also — and this is huge — TINA GOT A SOLO!!!

The third song is the already infamous “Baby Got Back,” originally written by Sir Mix-a-Lot. This one is performed by Adam (newcomer Oliver Kieran Jones) and the NYADA Apples.

In case you missed it, the issue is that this particular version of “Baby Got Back” — with a new melody and a few lyrical changes — comes directly from Jonathan Coulton. “Glee” isn’t crediting him. Read more about it here.

Leaving behind the whole issue of controversy, we can instead get to some weirdness. The next song from the episode is TLC‘s “No Scrubs,” amusingly performed by Artie, Blaine, Ryder, Sam and Joe.

Things anthemic after this, when Marley and Wade (Alex Newell) sing “Locked Out of Heaven.”

Finally, Ryder (Blake Jenner) bares his soul (to Marley?) with “I Only Have Eyes for You.”

“Sadie Hawkins,” featuring these performances, airs on Thursday, Jan. 24 at 9pm on FOX.

Posted by:Laurel Brown