glee twitpic groff 'Glee' pic: Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff reuniteYAY!!!!!

Ahem. One of our all-time favorite “Glee” guest stars, Jonathan Groff, has been confirmed to return to the show for three episodes toward the end of the season.

We didn’t want to celebrate too early, though. Since we have some trust issues when it comes to “Glee” spoilers, we had to see it to believe it, and now we have!

Lea Michele, Groff’s real-life BFF and “Glee” costar, tweeted cold hard digital evidence of his presence on the set. Word is that Groff’s character, Jesse St. James, is back in town to apologize to Rachel Berry and try to win her back.

What do you think of their potential reunion, Gleeks? Are you all for a St. Berry hookup or is this just another obstacle in Finchel’s road to true love?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie