glee project season 2 'Glee Project' recap: Fake It 'Til You Make ItI started watching this episode with a friend, who saw the episode title “Actability,” and said, “Is this a thing? They make up words and it’s supposed to be funny?” and I realized how far down the rabbit hole I had fallen. I saw that stupid, made-up word, and just shrugged, thinking to myself, “It will be about acting this week.”

I explained that the episode titles aren’t really supposed to be funny, and if they are I am missing the joke. Maybe “cute” is the better word? But I quickly forgot all about that when I was reminded of my favorite moment last week: when Blake was bad at the harmony. Ha ha yay.

I can’t believe Shanna got eliminated. That was some straight up jerkability on the judges’ part. The remaining five contestants marvel that they made it to the week before the finale. I can’t believe it either. I mean, Lily and Michael are still in this? Robert comes in and tells them that they’ll have to be triple threats and the most important aspect of that is something they overlooked entirely last season: the ability to act.

Michael, who we discovered last week is in love with Blake (watch for it), admits that, “my first reaction when I heard ‘actability’ was ‘Blake,’ because he’s an actor.” He is nervous every week about whether or not he can measure up to Blake. He should be eliminated before he boils the rabbit. Redeemably, Michael is the only one of the group who knows this week’s homework assignment: “Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer.

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