glee 304 quinn puck 'Glee' recap: How did you like 'Pot O' Gold'?Season 3 of “Glee” has been all about returning to its Season 1 roots after a less-than-beloved second season. But that might not be a good thing, if you take “Pot O’ Gold” into account. 

This “Quinn wants to get back baby Beth” plotline? It has shades of Season 1’s worst part: Terri’s fake pregnancy. Hear us out. First, clearly both are baby-related. But second, it is just so completely ludicrous that we can’t take it seriously. And this is a show that gets us to willfully suspend disbelief multiple times each week when characters spontaneously break out into song, or the fiscally challenged glee club mounts a production so studded with special effects it probably costs more than Mr. Schuester’s yearly salary.
Plus, let us please not forget about the cringeworthy kiss at the end of the episode between Puck and Shelby. That is straight-up Mary Kay Letourneau territory, and it makes everyone involved feel dirty (especially the viewer).
Oh! And Santana covering her and Brittany’s hand-holding with a napkin? Gross. “Glee” has been about accepting yourself since day one, and you’re saying a strong woman like Santana or a lady who clearly doesn’t need anyone’s approval to do her own thing like Brittany would be embarrassed to hold hands in public with her significant other? Puh-lease.

On the good side of things, Damian McGinty‘s debut was lovely — he’s adorable, and the retro styling was simultaneously weird (is he part of some neo-greaser movement we haven’t heard about yet?) and lovely (the slicked back hair, swoon!). His two songs were pleasant to listen to, although both kind of slow. He’ll be a good addition to the glee club in Mercedes, Santana and Brittany’s absence.
Also: We cannot get on board more with Burt Hummel’s congressional run. More Mike O’Malley? Aside from Lea Michele’s voice, he might just be the best part of the entire show.

Lastly, let’s talk about the previews for next week’s Very Special Episode. People are gonna do it, y’all! And we know Rachel and Finn are going to go through with it this time. Not sure about Blaine and Kurt, though it would be quite daring as this could possibly be the first depiction of gay sex on a primetime series geared toward teens and families. 
What did you think of “Pot O’ Gold”?
Posted by:Jean Bentley