chriscolfer glee 290 'Glee' recap: Kurt Comes Home!Finn’s bad dancing breaks Rachel’s nose, leading her to consider a nose job, which in turn leads to the theme of this very special episode — “Accepting Yourself.” Will assigns the kids to sing songs about loving the parts of yourself that you might otherwise want to change. Rachel confronts her desire to look less Judaic and Tina confronts her desire to have blue eyes. But it’s other characters who actually have more serious issues to confront. Will pushes Emma to acknowledge that she’s not just a neat-freak — she’s a woman with a serious anxiety disorder. With help from a really good shrink, Emma starts the road to dealing with her extreme OCD. Meanwhile, Puck and Lauren decide to confront Lauren’s desire to be a beauty queen by running a cutthroat campaign for prom queen. Said campaign involves kneecapping the primary opposition by revealing to the world that Quinn was previously a fat, ugly little girl known as Lucy Caboosy before she remade herself (complete with nose job) into the paragon of beauty we know her as today. But Lauren’s nasty campaign trick backfires, as all the school rejects decide that Quinn’s self-imposed rebirth makes her a worthy role model, winning her votes in her campaign for prom queen.

While other people are learning to accept themselves, Santana decides that she needs to become prom queen so that she can trick Brit-Brit into being her girlfriend. To that end, she confronts Karofsky and agrees to be his beard, and then forces him to adopt an anti-bullying program that includes wearing a totally gay beret. [I was just impressed that kids in Ohio knew about the Guardian Angels. — Angel] Her ultimate goal is to get Karofsky to apologize to Kurt so that he can return to McKinley and she can be a hero, thereby winning prom queen votes. And you know what? It works! Kurt comes back to McKinley, singing fabulous songs and wearing fabulous outfits that aren’t ugly uniforms. In the end, it’s Kurt who stages a Barbra-vention, leading Rachel to reject the idea of a nose job. And that leads to the entire club, sans Santana, singing Lady Gaga’s ode to loving yourself exactly as you are.

Featuring “As If We Never Said Goodbye,” from Sunset Boulevard, performed by Kurt, Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” performed by the entire Glee Club, a mash-up of “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story (which I’m not linking to — if you don’t know it, you’re not gay enough to watch this show) and TLC’s “Unpretty,” performed by Rachel and Quinn, the classic “I’ve Gotta Be Me,” most famously performed by Sammy Davis, Jr., performed here by Finn (with dance assist from Mike Chang), and Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know,” performed by the Warblers, to Kurt, as a way of sending him off to McKinley.

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