samuel larsen glee dianna agron yfrog 'Glee': Samuel Larsen finally arrives on set to claim his 'Glee Project' prize

Damian McGinty, the first co-winner of “The Glee Project,” made his debut on “Glee” in the beginning of Season 3 (and has shot ten episodes and counting). But so-far, McKinley High has been largely free of Samuel Larsen, the second co-winner. (Even runner-up Lindsay Pearce has already appeared in two episodes, and she didn’t even win!)
That’s all about to change, as the actor/singer has finally arrived on set to claim his seven-episode prize on the hit FOX show.
Larsen’s “Glee” costars announced the news on Twitter today (Jan. 25), with Lea Michele writing, “Working with our new cast member Glee Project winner Samuel Larsen today! Get to listen to him sing today and he’s so great!”
Dianna Agron took a craftier approach, first tweeting a photo of a mysterious person playing a guitar and having followers guess who it was, then later revealing his true identity. “Y’all were right. It was . So here you are. Real Sam & , our show Sam. Sam and Sam,” she writes.

Larsen thanked Michele for her welcome, writing, “thank you for the love, you’re so sweet 🙂
We’re interested to know more details on Larsen’s character — Murphy has said in the past that he’s interested in making the character a Christian, and that perhaps he would be a cousin of Puck’s, but nothing’s official.

Posted by:Jean Bentley